Xi and Trump work together on a peaceful solution to North Korea

Beijing has finally decided to work with Washington on ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. They decided to do so through peaceful means.

Trump tweeted the following on Wednesday morning: “Had a very good call last night with the President of China concerning the menace of North Korea.”

In the phone conversation, China insisted on peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, especially in the wake of the deployment of the USS Carl Vinson to the area and the conducting of the biggest-ever U.S.-South Korea military drills.

President Xi, related to this situation stated: “China insists on realizing the denuclearization of the peninsula … and is willing to maintain communication and coordination with the American side over the issue on the peninsula.”

Trump warned several times that the activities from North Korea are troubling and vowed to get Kim Jong-Un’s regime under control with or without China’s help. After which statements China’s president made contact with Trump.

In the conversation, Trump also stated to Xi: “I explained to the President of China that a trade deal with the U.S. will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean problem!”

As for years now, again, Trump and other U.S. officials have repeatedly called on China to leverage its status as North Korea’s biggest economic partner and source of food and fuel aid. All that to force Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

China is in full compliance with sanctions enacted under U.N. Security Council resolutions mainly by suspending imports of coal from North Korea which is a key source of foreign currency for Kim.

For the situation, Beijing also alerted that it will not countenance measures that could bring about a collapse of the regime in North Korea which could release a flood of refugees across its border, destabilize northeast Asia and result in a U.S. friendly government taking power in Pyongyang.

Adding to the tensions, there are reports that activity appeared to be taking place at a North Korean nuclear test site ahead of the April 15 anniversary of the communist country’s founding.