Simple Home Remedies for a Throat Infection

A irritating throat infection is hard to handle in these days dynamic society. The uneasiness and itchiness can make it difficult for you to concentrate on your daily tasks. And there is always that terrible pain that in most cases accompany the health situation.  A lot of kitchen ingredients are known for their powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and can help fight infections which also help in boosting your immunity.


What is the reason for a throat infection?


Most known factors are tonsillitis, cold or a strep throat. It is usually one of the first symptoms of cold or flu. A throat infection is in most cases caused by virus or bacteria.


Symptoms of a throat infection

Throat infection can be recognized by these symptoms :

1. Swelling of the tonsils
2. Swollen lymph nodes in your neck
3. Throat pain and inflammation
4. Pain in your ears

These are the main common symptoms which may be accompanied by other side effects like fever, muscle pain, fatigue, headache, watery eyes, runny nose or cough. Here are few home remedies that can help with your throat infection. In any case it is smart to consult a doctor also because throat infections may require an antibiotic course. But these tips can definitely help ease the symptoms and give some relief.


  1. Gargle with salt water

This is the easiest remedy that you can make on your own. Salt have amazing anti-bacterial properties. Mix ¼ teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Gargle at least two-three times a day. The salt will rinse away the bacteria and neutralize the acids that may be causing the burning sensation.

  1. Turmeric milkAnother wonderful home remedy form granny’s great experience would be drinking turmeric. It known to treat a sore throat, cold and even persistent coughs. It can even relieve swelling and pain. In the world it is known as a natural antibiotic.

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