Possible Stockholm terrorist attack: Uzbek man held on suspicion of terrorism

After the Stockholm truck attack, a man with origin from the central Asian republic of Uzbekistan has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offenses. The person was known to intelligence services what was confirmed by the Swedish authorities.

Suspicions about the arrested man have raised even more during the course of the investigation, Dan Eliasson, chief of the Swedish Police gave a statement at press briefing.

Police are investigating a “technical device” found in the vehicle used in the attack, he added.

Eliasson said: “We confirm that we have found a device in the truck that doesn’t belong there. We are now investigating its content,”, he also added: “Whether this was a classic bomb or some sort of flammable device is now a matter for our analysis.”

Sweden truck attack: time of the attack 01:07

The information for the suspect is made public by the prosecutor Hans Ihrman, who said that the arrested man was a 39-year-old from Uzbekistan.

The summary of the attack in the heart of Sweden’s capital took the lives of four people and injured about 15 more of which eight are still being treated in hospital. Four of the injured, all adults, have serious injuries, Stockholm County Council said earlier.

There is a still unofficial information that a bag of undetonated explosives had been found inside the truck, which was stolen minutes before the attack as it made a delivery at a restaurant. The attacker suffered burns caused by the explosives, which did not detonate properly.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven visits the scene of the attack on Saturday, April 8

Local sources said that the truck was hijacked as it made a delivery nearby. Eyewitnesses said it barreled down Drottninggatan (Queen Street) before it crashed into the front of a department store.

Eliasson said investigators were now examining the suspect’s social media accounts, but haven’t given a statement on whether he had connections to ISIS or other terror groups.

He also added: “We do not know whether there are further persons involved in this act or not,”, “But we are not excluding that. We are still working on a very comprehensive approach to see whether there is any possibility that further individuals are involved.”

Eliasson said he saw clear similarities to the attack in London last month, in which a man plowed through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before fatally stabbing a policeman outside the UK Parliament.