Facebook CEO Zuckerberg – Battle with fake news

“You can’t please everyone.” – That’s the message Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg put across this week in an interview with Fast Company. The statement was made as he described his efforts to crack down on fake news and manage the standards the site’s community wants.

According to Zuckerberg the fake-news problem is similar to how click-bait articles used to proliferate on the social network. Zuckerberg’s team trained a computer to learn from the community.

The founder of Facebook had this to say about making a solution to the problem: “No one wants click-bait,”, “But our algorithms at that time were not specifically trained to be able to detect what click-bait was. The key was to make tools so the community could tell us what was click-bait, and we could factor that into the product.”

According to him, the click-bait problem still isn’t completely solved, and one could argue that fake news is a form of click-bait. Zuckerberg is asking other companies and users to judge what is and isn’t true, so the Facebook team can incorporate those findings into the social network’s filters.

The interview was published just a week before Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, which is being held this year in San Jose, California. In the interview, Zuckerberg stated that he doesn’t want to impose Facebook’s morals on the world. As an example he sugested a Facebook group that encouraged people to draw pictures of the Prophet Mohammed: “That was illegal in Pakistan,” Zuckerberg said, so the social network didn’t show the group there. “But we didn’t take it down everywhere.”

The founder opinion on this subject is that social network’s job is to connect people and give them an outlet for free speech but that this can be a messy process: “I still believe more strongly than ever that giving the most voice to the most people will be this positive force in society,” he said. “But the thing is, it’s a work in progress.”