Ex-prison guard at North Korean concentration camp reveals horrific treatment of prisoners

A NORTH Korean woman who fled the tyrannical regime has described the unthinkable horrors she witnessed as a prison guard.

As a 20-year-old Lim Hye-jin was forced to watch two brothers who escaped the concentration camp get beheaded after they were caught — as a savage warning to other inmates.

Lim, who was just 20 at the time, told the Mail on Sunday: “The other prisoners then had to throw stones at them.”

She could not eat for days after witnessing the nightmarish scene.

At 17 the defector was sent to guard Camp 12, a farm for North Korean dissidents close to the Chinese border.


She said guards were stripped of any feelings of humanity towards the starving prisoners, who included officials who fell foul of dictator Kim Jong-un.

She said: “Even if a guard was driving and ran over a child, there would not be real punishment.”